Candidate Pledge

I am a candidate for the October 24, 2022 Toronto municipal election. By signing this Pledge I recognize the urgent need to prioritize and encourage active modes of transportation. In doing so, this will improve Toronto’s public realm by improving road safety, equity, public health outcomes, and climate crisis mitigation efforts. I endorse implementing evidence-based solutions equitably across the city and will leverage the power and influence that comes with an elected position to improve the daily lives of how my constituents and residents at large can get to where they need and want to be; safely, and efficiently.

If elected I commit to work to rapidly implementing the following:

  1. Building Complete Streets across every ward in Toronto
  2. Establishing and implementing a Vision Zero Safety Checklist
  3. Streamlining the traffic calming process equitably across the city
  4. Reducing the traffic speed on our streets to 30 km/h and 40km/h on arterial roads
  5. Improving the safety and accessibility for people walking and using mobility devices
  6. Accelerating the Cycling Network Plan to provide safe and connected bike lanes in every ward
  7. Funding & supporting Active School Travel programs so young people can safely walk and bike to school
  8. Investing in equitable methods to manage traffic enforcement by reallocating resources away from on-the-ground police enforcement
  9. Providing regular and recurring car-free spaces for active transportation
  10. Supporting the multi-modal future of Toronto’s transportation system

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