2023 Scarborough Southwest By-Election

The Toronto Alliance for Safe and Active Streets for All, composed of Cycle Toronto, The Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT), Friends and Families for Safe Streets (FFSS), Walk Toronto, 8 80 Cities, Toronto Environmental Alliance, Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services, and The Bicycle Mayor of Toronto, has identified four critical policy areas that we would like to see prioritized by the next Mayor of Toronto: road safety, equity, public health, and climate crisis mitigation. Through prioritizing and encouraging active modes of transportation, the city will be better positioned to meet its targets within these four policy arenas.

How our city allocates public road space reflects what our leaders value and what they do not. We are calling on the candidates running in the by-election for Ward 20 Scarborough Southwest to make our city streets safer, more equitable, and healthier for people of all ages, abilities and incomes across the city. Our future health and prosperity depend on it. 

To help voters make an informed decision, Cycle Toronto and our Alliance for Safe and Active Streets, with support from the Toronto East Cyclists, sent a survey to all candidates running in the by-election. We asked candidates several questions regarding road safety initiatives, and more specifically, if they would support implementing the Danforth-Kingston Complete Street project in 2024.

We are excited to share the results of our survey with the voters of Scarborough Southwest. We are pleased to report that a majority of survey respondents agreed to champion our road safety policy priorities, and that four of the five respondents stated that they will vote for the implementation of the Danforth-Kingston complete street project. Of the 23 registered candidates, just 14 have valid emails. We received a total of eight responses, of which just five submitted complete responses.

To view candidate responses and comments on their survey answers, click here.


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