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The 2022 Toronto municipal election is on Oct 24, and your vote matters. Help us call on candidates seeking election make Toronto an equitable city that is safer, healthier, and more sustainable for all by signing our pledge. We are calling on candidates to commit to implementing these ten priority actions over the 2022-2026 council term:

  1. Build Complete Streets across every ward in Toronto
  2. Establish and implement a Vision Zero Safety Checklist
  3. Streamline the traffic calming process equitably across the city
  4. Reduce the traffic speed on our streets to 30 km/h and 40km/h on arterial roads
  5. Improve the safety and accessibility for people walking and using mobility devices
  6. Accelerate the Cycling Network Plan to provide safe and connected bike lanes in every ward
  7. Fund & support Active School Travel programs so young people can safely walk and bike to school
  8. Invest in equitable methods to manage traffic enforcement by reallocating resources away from on-the-ground police enforcement
  9. Provide regular and recurring car-free spaces for active transportation
  10. Support the multi-modal future of Toronto’s transportation system

If you are signing on behalf of on organization, please input the name of the organization into the "First Name" textbox. Thank you!


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10 Priority Actions
Sign Our Pledge for Safe & Active Streets
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