6. Accelerating the Cycling Network Plan to provide safe and connected bike lanes in every ward

bike laneWe’ve seen a significant increase in people taking up cycling in Toronto as a healthy, affordable and convenient mode of transportation, particularly in parts of the city where there are safe and connected bike lanes. The city has nearly 5400 km of roadways but as of 2021, just 4% (~200km) have on-street bike lanes. Vast areas of Scarborough, Etobicoke, and North York have virtually no safe cycling infrastructure.

We are calling on the City to accelerate the implementation of the Cycling Network Plan, with the goal of allocating 20% of all road km with a network of high-quality, protected bike lanes across all wards of the city by 2030. This could be achieved by: 

  • Streamlining City Council processes for approved projects in the Cycling Network Plan
  • Ensuring all road reconstructions require a Complete Street by default design 
  • Setting publicly transparent completion targets for the Cycling Network Plan including a regularly updated progress dashboard on the City’s website
  • Increasing staffing, funding and operations to meet accelerated targets

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