5. Improving the safety and accessibility for people walking and using mobility devices

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People walking and using mobility devices are among the most vulnerable road users. Collisions and deaths involving pedestrians are disproportionately happening in Toronto’s inner suburbs where wide arterial roads with fast moving traffic dominate the streetscape. We are calling on the City to fulfill the promise made in 2017 to redesign our streets to eliminate the threat of being killed or seriously injured in a collision.

Interventions that provide the most impact in improving safety and accessibility include:

  • Ensuring every road in Toronto has a sidewalk with a minimum of 2.1 metre pedestrian clearway and installing raised crosswalks and curb extensions for visibility and safety at all major intersections
  • Providing safe loading areas for WheelTrans and vehicles with accessibility permits
  • Limiting the distance to 500m for people to walk between signalized crossings, including TTC stops, all of which must have a signalized crossing

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